Intermittent Connectivity


Connectivity has remained stable since our last update with all services accessible. We are closing the incident at this time.


Although we do not yet have a confirmed update from our upstream Internet provider, we are observing that the connection appears to be stable once again.

All services and portals should now be available.

We will advise further once resolution is confirmed.


This issue appears to be related to a wider connectivity outage from one of our upstream Internet providers. The intermittent nature of the failure is also affecting movement of traffic over to our alternate connection, resulting in this occasional complete loss of access.

We are waiting on updates/resolution and will advise further when we know more.


We are currently seeing an intermittent loss of Internet connectivity from our data centre. This means that users might be unable to connect to our web portals, and incoming file transfer and API connections may fail to connect.

We are investigating and will advise of resolution timing and status as new information is available.

5 Affected Services: