Our Internet connection has been restored and stable since 10:50 a.m. EDT and all systems are operating normally.

An analysis of the root cause of this outage is being performed and we will share our findings once it is ready.


All services appear to be operating normally. We are continuing to monitor status.


Our connection appears to be coming back online, we will review our status and advise further shortly.


We are in contact with the network operations teams at both of our upstream Internet service providers and are working to force all traffic over to our secondary connection which appears to be online.


Our primary Internet connection provider is having a network outage which is affecting our connectivity. Our secondary connection should have automatically taken over all of that traffic, however this has not happened and we are investigating why.


We are experiencing an Internet connectivity outage at our primary data centre. We are currently investigating and will update shortly with further information.

4 Affected Services: